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Whether you are traveling solo or in a small group, Guided Tours are the perfect way to see the world!
Visit all seven continents with like-minded individuals who are as excited as you are to see, experience,
and learn. Experts are ready to guide you around the world on routes designed especially
to give guests a unique, unrivaled experience. 

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This is the perfect option for small or medium groups who want the entire experience, but don't want the stress of researching and making multiple arrangements. You can relax and leave all the planning to us!

Guided Tour





This is also the perfect option for solo travelers who don't want to be completely alone. You will get to journey with like-minded travelers who are as excited to be there as you are! Get ready to make some life-long friends.

Each tour is guided by a qualified expert who will give you an in depth look at the places you visit, including its history, local traditions, and interesting facts. This allows you to experience your destinations more intimately. 

Guided tours can take you anywhere in the world. There are fascinating tours and expeditions on all seven continents, as well as some amazing sea adventures, giving you endless options!

Guided tours are set up to give their guest a completely unique experience by offering private tours of popular sites, or even permitting access to some places that are off limits to most tourists. 

Most guided tours are all-inclusive, meaning you pay for your entire experience up front, and won't need to bring much additional cash unless you plan on venturing out on your own.

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Here are some of my favorite Group Tours of 2022 & 2023!

S. Africa Private Safari

South Africa: Private Villa Safari

Immerse yourself in exclusive luxury and soul-revitalizing seclusion on this all-villa South African safari. This carefully created adventure has privacy, freedom and serenity at its core. Sample world-class wines, discover both ancient and modern art and collect a bouquet of memories with your closest family and friends. Wildlife experts will unlock nature’s secrets as you explore the most exclusive private reserves in the country.

11 days of travel
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Wings Over S. America
Scotland Highlands
Asia Wellness Journey
US National Parks
Balkan Express
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