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Cruises & Sailing

One of the most exciting ways to see the world is by water travel! Cruises, sailing excursions, and sea expeditions not only expose to you a completely different style of traveling, but they give you an opportunity to see or do things that you otherwise couldn't on a land tour! And the best part is that there are so many different styles of cruising & sailing that you will surely find the right experience for you!

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Types of Sailing Experiences

-Family Cruises
-Adult Cruises
-Group or Themed Cruises
-Private Cruises
-Riverboat Cruising
-Expedition Cruises
-Land & Sea Tours
-Sailing Excursions
-Private Yachting
-Deep Sea Fishing

Exciting Destinations

-The Caribbean
-Canada & Alaska
-The Greek Isles
-The Mediterranean
-The Maldives
-South America
-The Arctic
-And MORE!

Reasons To Love This Option

-Most sea adventures are all-inclusive!
-Options range from casual to ultra luxury
-Visit multiple destinations in one trip
-Vast array of options to suit anyone's taste
-Experience exciting excursion in unique locations
-Visit places that can only be reached by boat
-Enjoy a private or a very social experiance
-Endless food and dining options
-Everything you need is in one place
-See the world with very little hassle

CMA Line

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