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Private Jets boast numerous benefits that make them the most efficient, comfortable, and convenient way to fly!
Perfect for private family getaways, corporate travel, and group events- this style of travel will exceed all your expectations on what it means to fly ‘first class.’

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Perks & Benefits

Access to more airports than commercial flights

While there are just over 500 commercial airports within the US, there are more than 5000 airports open to private jets. This allows you to take off from and land closer to your destinations.
Schedule flights at times that work for you

With private travel, you are able to create flight schedule that works for you. Plan your flights around your day, rather than planning your entire day around flight times
Skip airport security and board directly

There is no need to arrive 3 hours early to ensure you get through ticketing, baggage, and TSA. When you book a private jet you are able to skip the lines and board within minutes of arriving.
Shorter flight times

Private jets work on your schedule. As soon as your party is boarded they are able to take-off. These carriers are also able to fly more direct routes at a higher altitude than commercial jets, which allows them to avoid all other air traffic.
All direct flights. No layovers.

Because private jets are booked by you alone, you will never have to stop at another hub, rush to get to a different gate, or change planes.
Never worry about losing your luggage

Not changing planes also means that you will never lose your luggage. Your personal items will stay with you the entire duration of the trip.
Convenience of working while on board

Especially important for business travel or for those who plan to work on their trip. Because private planes do not operate under the FCC guidelines, electronics, including cell phones are permitted to be used in flight. Most flights now also offer WiFi.
Reach more destinations

Because private planes are smaller, they are able to access more airports at unique destinations. Many private islands even encompass their own landing strip especially for private jet.
Ride in comfort and style

No more bumping knees with the stranger next to you or fighting for the armrest. Private jets are built for luxury travel and passenger comfort.
Travel with people you know

The only people who will be on your flight are the people you are traveling with. There will be no uncomfortable interactions with strangers. This makes for a more intimate, less awkward trip.

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