Indian Ocean


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Indian Ocean

If you are craving for some Indian food, give Indian Ocean in St Helier a try. Here you can enjoy some of the Indian specials like Chicken Tikka Masala, Tandoori Mixed Grill and everyone's favourite Naan bread. Dishes are ranked according to levels of spiciness from mild to very hot.


Surrounded by the sea, it is no surprise that Jersey is well known for its fish dishes and a range of quality seafood, with scallops, spider crabs, lobster and oysters taking the front seat. Other fish that feature high on seasonal menus include thick white monkfish, tasty bass and Jersey plaice, often eaten with a salad of locally grown lettuce, tomatoes and peppers. National specialities include Bean Crock, a variation on the French Cassoulet, La Soupe d’Anguilles (conger eel soup) and Fiottes (balls of flour, sugar and eggs, cooked in milk). The island is, of course, famous for the Jersey Royal potatoes. Try the unique Black Butter - made from local apples, its darkly sweet taste can be enjoyed straight off the spoon or as an accompaniment to cheese, Jersey ice cream or just toast. To finish off, try local apple brandy or a cream liqueur, or a Jersey produced wine from La Mare vineyards.