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Round off your day of sunbathing with some shopping along Litteral Frédéric Mistral, and head up Boulevard Sainte-Hélène and Rue Lamalgue for experiencing Mourillon neighborhood at its best and fullest. While you will find interesting home furnishing shops, clothes shops (including rugby fashion Serge Blanco) and cut glass, there may also be some hidden shops that await you for being explored.


Shopping in Toulon is a pleasure, as discovering the small alleyways and fountains around place Puget and rue d’Alger and browsing in clothes shops or little bookshops always keep hidden surprises. If you admire the more chic areas around Mourillon, the antique shops and designer boutiques will give you some idea of how those houses are furnished, and if you feel the lure of the sea down by the harbour, you can always buy some fishing or diving equipment.