Le Petit Prince


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Le Petit Prince

Le Petit Prince is a small yet cosy place with dishes that are influenced by various cultures, and coming from Provence over Africa to Maghreb, all fragrances are wonderfully enchanting. Also, this restaurant employs people in the process of social and professional reintegration so they do care about both great food and caring society.


In Provence, just walking around hills and fountains will give you a good idea of what to expect in the restaurants: scents of thyme, rosemary, and fresh vegetables in olive oil hanging in the air. It is, however, mainly simple food, as a little tapenade (purée of olives) on some bread, a glass of rosé wine, and some marinated and grilled peppers are quite enough for treating any visitor like heaven. Especially when eating outside beside a fountain, in the shade of some plane trees, in the heart of Toulon, visitors enjoy this city probably best.