Rue de la Tour


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Rue de la Tour

Rue de la Tour is your best bet for serious designer luxury, including chic evening wear. If you are looking for something nice to wear for the evening you can head here — there is certainly no shortage of classy, elegant and sophisticated designs.


Marseille’s main shopping areas are in the central and southern parts of town and cater to all tastes, from Côte d’Azur luxury and large department stores to quirky little boutiques and stores. If you want smaller shops then head to the Cours Julien area, which has built up a reputation as an alternative, bohemian quarter. The area is also great for food and antique markets at weekends. Le Panier, Marseille’s oldest neighbourhood, is the best place for local products. Rue des Petits Puits and places des Pistoles are good streets for Provençal pottery and shops selling lavender soap and olive-based goodies.