Cosquer Méditerranée


Copyright: Frank Eiffert/unsplash
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Cosquer Méditerranée

This impressive building, known as the Villa Méditerranée, was designed in 2013. It boasts sleek modern architecture and an impressive cantilevered section that looms over an artificial pool. Inside, you can enjoy exhibitions that cover both marine life and local history. In June 2022, a new exhibit was presented to the visitors — a replica of the famous Cosquer Cave, in an atmosphere similar to that of the original, that has been submerged since the 90s. You get to explore the 1,750-square-metre replica aboard a comfortable exploratory vehicle and learn about the Homo sapiens that lived in the cave 30,000 years ago. See the engravings, paintings, speleothems, handprints and geological features that have been reproduced for public viewing in the most realistic and scientifically rigorous manner.

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