Coquillages et Crustacés

La Rochelle

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Coquillages et Crustacés

This is a popular restaurant located outside the city centre, but people rarely hesitate to take the detour. Enjoy your dinner outdoors and watch the sun set over the sea and towards the horizon. Choose between dishes like stuffed clams, salmon tartar, and cod.


La Rochelle and the surrounding region have many culinary assets. The gourmets will be spoiled with a large variety of delicious seafood dishes. In one of the many restaurants of the old city, you will find numerous of the delights of the ocean, like the famous Oyster Marenne d’Oléron. Trying this is a must! Those who are fond of snails will try the succulent dishes of Cagouilles also called “small gray”. Other regional recipes include the famous melon charentais, coq au pineau (rooster with Pineau des Charentes, the local liquor), goat cheese, and much more.