Bucket List


Think of Bucket List travel as your travel wish list. It should be comprised of any specific place you’d like to go, or any specific thing you would like to do in your lifetime- your travel goals.

Bucket List travel has become very popular over the past decade. While this type of travel was once seen as something you put off until later in life, the current ‘You Only Live Once’ mentality has encouraged many to stop putting things off and live for the now! Why? Because you never know when you may get another chance.

What are some items on your bucket list?

Here are some items you might think about adding:

Bucket List
Bucket List

-See the World Wonders
-Visit ‘Hobbiton,’ New Zealand
-Sleep in an Ice Hotel
-Drive the Pan-American Highway

-Road trip across the US
-Visit every continent
-See the Northern Lights
-Go on a Safari
-Climb Machu Picchu

-Go Whale Watching
-Sleep in a Treehouse 
-Hike up a Volcano
-Snorkel a shipwreck
-Bioluminescent Kayaking

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